What You Should Expect When Creating a Video of a Moving Vehicle

If you are weak of heart and cannot withstand the constant adrenaline shots to the heart from the excitement of action shots, then creating a video of a moving vehicle is definitely not for you as things can get brutal. You have to be ready for different scenarios from the best case to the worst case as people can fall, fly and get knocked into things. Another thing that is unpredictable is the weather as even if you monitor weather updates from the weather channel, it can still prove unpredictable.

The following are what you should expect or prepare for when creating a video of a moving vehicle:

Above all else, stay focused

It is very easy to get carried away due to rampant emotions while filming on a moving vehicle. Allowing your emotions to get the better of you not only affects your ability to think clearly and rationally while shooting but also detracts from the video focus. In a frenzied environment, the ability to think things through thoroughly always makes a difference between a good video and a bad one. Los Angeles video production company, Lemonlight Media, suggests you take deep breaths before each action shot. It is best to be in a meditative state than in a frazzled state of mind when taking on these types of challenges.

Be protective of your equipment

There have been a lot of situations where the party being shot ends up falling out of the vehicle and landing on the cameras of the videographers. This is a situation that can occur anytime hence the name unpredictable scenario. A way to guard against this event would be to stay away from likely places where it is bound to occur but this might still affect the quality of the shots. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to turn your filming equipment into an armored soldier for these events. You can get different types of gadgets and accessories that help protect your equipment against damage.

Photo Source: widen.com

Make sure the camera is always ready

The battery life of cameras is dependent on the manufacturer as well as the capacity of the Amh. In the course of shooting a moving vehicle, you have to ensure that the camera is ever rolling to capture as much footage as possible and the only way to do that is if you have a good camera battery. It goes without saying that there is no worse feeling than missing out on a good shot all because you ran out of juice or because you cut the scene too early.


You are getting ready to get a live action shot of a moving vehicle so it is only rational that accidents are likely to occur. Although you cannot predict their occurrence, you can forestall or prepare against them to reduce the risks associated with them. First and foremost, be conscious of the weather and keep abreast of expected weather conditions. You do not want to have to shoot a scene when it is bound to rain and the ground becomes slick and muddy. Make sure that all equipment meant to be used for this shoot have been checked beforehand so as to avoid being in the middle of a shoot and having your equipment fail you.


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